About the Book

A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Rabkin took a surprise turn in his career when, at age 35, he became CEO of Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital. In his 30+ years there, he grew Beth Israel as a national leader in patient care, teaching and research, and through mergers begun under his watch, a leading high quality care-giver in Massachusetts.

In presenting his deep understanding of what works in hospitals and, it turns out, in almost any organization, whether not-for-profit or investor-owned, Dr. Rabkin offers fundamental insights into, and a unique perspective on, the workings of organizations – their anatomy and physiology – and on the practice of management. From Clinic to Corner Office: Organization and Management on the Exam Table offers clear prescriptive information and a framework for thinking, both of practical use to managers at any level and to those with management aspirations.

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